Keeping teens safe

We know that turning over the keys to a new teen driver can be a painful process for parents.

DriveScribe gives you a platform to monitor and discuss the driving habits — both the mistakes and successes — of your teen in a visual, easy-to-understand way.  It rallies teens around safe driving with a fun, competitive and social web and mobile experience, making DriveScribe a win-win for both parents and teens.

A watchful eye

Monitor every driving trip and route your teen takes in real time and get peace of mind that DriveScribe is guiding him or her with reminders and recording any violations.

When a violation occurs, DriveScribe immediately sends you the information via text message or email.  Plus, with its call and message-blocking technology, you’re sure your teen is keeping his or her eyes on the road and not on the phone.

Incentivize smart driving

DriveScribe knows that the best way to motivate teens is to incentivize them.  With our rewards program, your teen earns points every time he or she drives.  By adding money to their reward pot every month, you can make it even more appealing to drive smart.

What parents and teens say

“My daughter just passed her behind the wheel test on Monday. We have put the app on her phone.  It was like a big weight lifted of our shoulders knowing that there is an app to help young drivers out. A BIG Thank You!” — Mike W, dad

“I tend to text while driving.  I know I need to be a smarter driver, and DriveScribe can help me be one.” — Rachel D, student

“DriveScribe gives me teachable moments with my teen.  It’s great to have another voice that’s not mom and dad guiding him how to drive.” — Kate R, mom

“DriveScribe provides safe driving incentives for my son and peace of mind for me…[it] is helping him be a better driver.” — Angie S, mom