Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Chances are, someone else has asked the same thing. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked customer questions. Are we missing something? No worries! We’re happy to help. Just fill out the form and we’ll get back to you soon. Or call us at (612) 386-1193


How do I sign up for DriveScribe?
Signing up is easy! Just click here, enter some basic information and you’re ready to go. Remember to enter the driver’s account information each time you log into the DriveScribe app on your iPhone or Android device.

How do I log into my account?
Simply click the “user login” button on the DriveScribe homepage. You can also log in here.

Where do I download the DriveScribe app?
DriveScribe can be downloaded on Android devices in Google Play, and in the iPhone App Store. You can also download the app here.

What types of driving behaviors does DriveScribe monitor?
DriveScribe provides audio and visual feedback on excessive speed, stop sign violations and hard braking. Parent accounts have the option to be notified of any violations in real time via text or email.

How does the app monitor driving?
During a trip, DriveScribe uses your phone’s GPS receiver and accelerometer, plus advanced mapping data to screen your driving performance, including speed, sudden movements and compliance with the rules of the road.

Does my phone have to be connected to the vehicle in any way?
No. DriveScribe is a mobile app that works exclusively with the technology built into your smartphone. No connection to the car is necessary, so DriveScribe can run easily in any vehicle.

Where is all of the data stored?
As a DriveScribe user, you have a customized online dashboard that provides a snapshot of all driving trips. This includes specific metrics that allow you to track everything from miles and hours driven, total violations and what they were, and cumulative Safe Driver Score.

How do I earn points?
After each driving trip, DriveScribe instantly calculates a Safe Driver Score (the lower the score, the better the performance). Points are awarded based on the Safe Driver Score and can be cashed in for gift cards at popular retailers.

Where do I redeem my points?
Points can be redeemed on the “Point Street” page of the DriveScribe web portal.

What happens after I redeem my points?
If you redeemed points for an e-GIFT certificate, you will receive an email with redemption details. If you redeemed points for a physical gift card, you will receive the card in the mail at the address you provided during checkout.

What are the differences between Parent and Driver accounts?
While both accounts are similar, Driver accounts only have access to change their personal information. Parent accounts have complete control over settings, billing information and preferences. Both Parent and Driver accounts can redeem points.

How do I change my settings?
Parent accounts can change account information, billing details and preferences such as whether to receive text and/or email notifications and allow incoming phone calls for Drivers on the “Settings” page of the DriveScribe Web Portal. Driver accounts can change their own personal information under settings as well.

As a parent, can I use DriveScribe myself?
Absolutely! Just sign up here and begin to monitor your progress, remove mobile phone distractions and even earn points for driving safely!

Who can use DriveScribe?
Anyone can use DriveScribe. Sign up with your friends, family members, colleagues or classmates and start getting competitive about driving safely! DriveScribe is a great tool for everyone from teens who are just starting to drive, to experienced drivers who would like to monitor their driving habits while removing distractions.