Driver Performance

How good of a driver are you?

DriveScribe has great tools that measure your driving performance and help you become a better driver.

Every time you drive, DriveScribe scores your performance. How did you do? View stats about how you performed and see where you can do better next time. Compete with your friends and family and earn free gift cards.

See how fun and rewarding it can be to drive safely with DriveScribe!

Drive smart. Earn points. Get free stuff.

It’s that simple! After each driving trip, you earn points for how well you performed and they accumulate over time. Cash in your points at any time to get free gift cards and discounts at dozens of your favorite stores like and Sports Authority.

Get competitive about safe driving!

At the end of each trip, DriveScribe gives you a Safe Driver Score (SDS). On the app and online, you can see how you did on each individual trip and what your lifetime score is. The lower, the better!

Get your friends and family together and compete. Then brag about your performance in DriveScribe’s social community.

Know more. Drive better.

See your detailed driving statistics on the DriveScribe web app, a comprehensive dashboard that provides a summary of and details about how you drove on each trip. The more you know, the smarter you will drive!

The DriveScribe dashboard highlights

  • Your weekly and lifetime Safe Driver Score
  • Your weekly and lifetime points earned
  • Total hours, number of trips and distance you drove each week
  • Histogram of driving time of day
  • Graphs depicting violations

You can even get detailed information about every driving trip, including:

  • Time and length of trip
  • Average speed and speed at any point during the trip
  • Descriptions of violations (what, when, where, etc.)
  • Points earned
  • Map view of route driven

Have fun with the information! DriveScribe lets you to filter, sort and compare your stats in a variety of ways.

Your personal coach

Using visual and optional verbal signals, DriveScribe gives automated, real-time guidance as you drive so you can stay focused on the road and not your phone.

  • Makes you aware of traffic regulations to obey, such as when you are approaching a stop sign
  • Lets you know when you have made a violation, such as exceeded a speed limit, so that you can slow down
  • Features an optional incoming message blocker on the Android platform, sending a customizable message to the sender that you are driving
  • Auto-starts via motion or Bluetooth pairing so its always active when you’re driving