Changing how individuals and organizations think about driving

DriveScribe is a product of Minneapolis-based Drive Power, a company with a mission to generate behavioral change around driving.

Whether it’s guiding one teen to improve his driving skills, or motivating a fleet of drivers to drive more safely, Drive Power helps people enhance driving performance and stay more focused on the road. The company develops innovative technology-based software services that encourage and reward smart driving behaviors.

Drive Power grew out of a collaboration between the University of Minnesota’s mathematicians, transportation researchers, mobile software architects, customer loyalty specialists and software industry leaders in the private sector.

Drive Power launched its first product DriveScribe™ in June 2012. Within weeks DriveScribe™ gained thousands of individual users.

First-of-its-kind mobile and web app

DriveScribe™ is a unique service that combines a smartphone-based, real-time driver coaching experience with a point-based rewards engagement program.

When driving safely, drivers earn points that can be redeemed for retail products and discounts from national merchants including Amazon, Macy’s, J Crew, Nike and Old Navy. This incentive-based approach makes every mile driven a personal achievement.

The core technology can be applied in many ways, including promotion of both safe and efficient driving practice, consumer and commercial usage based insurance (UBI) program, data input to actuarial pricing model, and “big data” applications, including location-based mobile marketing and digital map enhancement.

From one to many

DriveScribe Pro™ is a customizable or white-label version of DriveScribe that can be deployed on a broad scale. Any organization managing a large number of drivers can derive value from its solutions.